Commercial Property

Want to buy, sell or rent out a pub, factory, workshop, industrial unit, warehouse or shop, the flat above the salon or the car park next to it? You’ve come to the right place.

At Elliots, Bond & Banbury, we’ve been dealing with commercial property matters for many years and are well versed in every aspect, from checking the length of the commercial lease to sharing premises with another business. We know the pitfalls and you can turn to us at every stage of the process. Clients tell us that our experience and knowledge has been very helpful and reassuring particularly if they’ve not bought, leased or rented commercial property before.

On all major lenders’ approved panels

Elliots, Bond & Banbury is on all major lenders’ approved panels which makes for speedier and more cost-effective conveyancing.

Our contacts are your contacts

We can also put you in touch with all the professional help and support you need, from surveyors to specialist estate agents. You will not pay a penny extra for these referrals.

Thinking of bidding for commercial property at auction?

Senior partner, John Ferguson’s face is well known at the local auction houses. If you are thinking of bidding for commercial premises, we can ‘hold your hand’ throughout the process, advising on the commercial lending requirements and putting you in touch with specialist surveyors and mortgage brokers.

If you would like advice about commercial property please call the office and ask to speak to one of the team.