Landlord and Tenant

Landlords and tenants alike need protection under the law. Perhaps because we’re situated in west London where there are numerous mansion blocks, we have handled hundreds of cases relating to rental property and can offer you the benefit of considerable experience. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone or drop us an email if there is any aspect of the rental relationship concerning you. You’ll feel much better for checking out your rights and talking the issue through with an experienced solicitor.

Putting you in charge of your own destiny

Service charges, particularly in London, are often high and management companies don’t always act as speedily or manage estates as their tenants would wish. We have helped numerous groups of tenants to form management companies with the right to manage maintenance of their block themselves.

We can advise you on lease extensions for flats as well as purchases of the freehold. We can step in in cases of landlord and tenant disputes making sure your side of the case is properly represented. Our team is highly experienced in taking matters to the Property Tribunal in cases where, for example, the parties cannot agree on the premium for a lease extension.

Possession claims

As the buy-to-let market increases, so too does the number of possession claims. We cannot stress enough the importance of professional advice.

Elliots, Bond & Banbury partner, Paul O’Meara, says: ‘Not being able to evict a bad tenant is every landlord’s worst nightmare. That’s why it’s so important to get legal advice on possession claims and not try and do everything yourself. If you fail to follow the correct procedure – giving enough notice and so on – it will take even longer to get your hands on your own property again, leading to an even greater loss of rental income.’

If you have landlord and tenant issues you would like to discuss please call the office and ask to speak to one of our team.