Wills, Trusts and Probate

Writing your will can be a tricky business. True, from a legal standpoint, wills are often not terribly complicated, but if you look at your will strictly as a legal exercise you may well be missing something. Should you treat your children equally, even if one of them is vulnerable to manipulation or divorce? Should you leave everything to your spouse, even if it is likely he or she will remarry after your death? Should you try to save tax by leaving everything to your grandchildren rather than your children?

At Elliots, Bond & Banbury, we have years of experience helping people to write and review their wills, and with such an important, personal document, you should seek advice you can trust. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Help when planning trusts

Trusts are a powerful tool for protecting assets and vulnerable family members. Whether you have children from a previous relationship, a property that you want to protect from your partner’s care fees, or relatives receiving means-tested state benefits, we can help you prepare the lifetime or testamentary trust best suited to your financial and family circumstances. Where appropriate, we can also manage your trust on behalf of your beneficiaries, ensuring that the assets you place into the trust are used to their best advantage.

Professional help with distributing an estate

The death of a friend or loved one is never easy. And it is especially difficult when you have also taken on the responsibilities of an executor – to sort out their affairs, settle the tax, and distribute the estate under their will or the laws of intestacy. For all but the simplest estates, this is a lengthy process. Anything from six to twelve months is normal, and of course, your own life does not slow down. You still need to meet all your usual obligations and responsibilities.

Unsurprisingly, many executors need professional assistance, especially where there may be inheritance tax to pay, and Elliots, Bond & Banbury is happy to help. Our probate team are specialists, and they can offer you as much, or as little, help as you need.

To find out how we can help you, please call the office and ask to talk to one of the team.